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My Sanctuary of Dawn.

My Twilight Obsession.

HaseoXKite Community!.
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A community for sharing fics, fanart, icons, and anything for this pair so it's KiteXHaseo or HaseoXKite oh yeah anything to do with the Azure Knights are welcome to.This IS a yaoi friendly environment, if you have a problem with this, not joining is probably a good idea
http://twilight-light.dreamwidth.org/ The Twilight_Light journal over at Dreamwidth!


This is a community for fans of Haseo and Kite from .Hack//G.U. Fiction, artwork, icons, scans, screenshots, etc and so on are welcome, as are civil discussions about the characters.

This community is slash/yaoi friendly (obviously....) so if you are offended by this, don't join. Flaming and general bad talking is not welcome here.


1.) No flaming or attacking of other members.
2.) If critique of fiction, artwork, icons, etc is not wanted, please respect the wishes of the poster.
3.) Don't come here to bash other pairings or characters.
4.) Use an lj-cut tag for long fics, large images, or posts containing more than three icons.
5.) Conversation drift is natural, but please keep initial posts on topic.
6.) You must like the HaseoXKite pairing.
7.) spoilers ARE welcome.
8.) Have fun make anything you want to fanfiction to art we need to stand up and be tall to make a say 'Hack//G.U. slash!' lol.
9.) Other paring form .Hack//G.U. are MORE then welcome!...but it has to have KiteXHaseo or some mention of them as a couple in it.
10.) Yuri is more then welcome.

Posting Guidelines: (remove any not appplicable)

Fanfiction (just copy/paste!)
Warnings (such as death-fic, rape, etc):
Critique Wanted: Yes/No
Anything Else:

Fanart (just copy/paste!)
Warnings (such as death, rape, etc):
Critique Wanted: Yes/No
Anything Else:

And this is my First Community...ah I can still fell shivers down my back I fell uneasy so be nice to a Fan girl and be nice and have fun oookay?.

Japanese links-
http://cyaya.fc2web.com/RootsGU.htm (This sight has a lot beside HaseoXKite)
http://echoes.silk.to/gu/ (I love this Sight to death)
http://2style.jp/suialchemist/frem.html (Another cute sight)
http://gran-fall.jugem.jp/?cid=14 (Has some good Pic you just need to go look)
http://www.geocities.jp/ginjyuan/index.html (Another good sight it has well...go look)
http://id48.fm-p.jp/16/mikadukineko/ (A couple of cute pic not that much yet)
http://www.geocities.jp/vacuous_actuality/top.html (Some Pictures that are all right)
http://sweety.jp/hydro/ (Another place to look)
http://m-pe.tv/u/page.php?uid=seratacatharsis&id=1 (Some Fics but in Japanese)
http://2nd.geocities.jp/butyo_2007/ (I love this place!)
http://id38.fm-p.jp/2/hypothetical/ (Another good place)

Affiliates- crimson_roses_r

You can Contract me at...
asukai at

PS- Anyone upset why I put Tri-Edge down at the Interest page because over there in Japan People Still call Azure Kite 'Tri-Edge' or more like Try-Edge but aways That What they call Him at the Slash web sights so please don't get upset with me over that thank you!.